Daily Word Articles

  • December 2019
    By Rev. Kurt Condra

    Opening our hearts to the meaning of the Christmas story reveals how our spiritual journey parallels Joseph and Mary’s trek to Bethlehem.

  • November 2019
    By Annie L. Scholl

    The way to happiness, peace, and forgiveness is gratitude, according to therapist and coach Terri Cole, who shares her daily practice for creating a grateful life.

  • October 2019
    By Rev. Elizabeth Longo

    Reflecting on her childhood experience fleeing Cuba as a refugee, Rev. Elizabeth Longo remembers the spiritual insight that comforted her most during that tumultuous time.

  • September 2019
    By Rev. Bill Englehart

    A group of motivated inmates are seeking spiritual transformation within the walls of a maximum-security prison.

  • August 2019
    By Barbara Bowen

    Our teachers can show up in the most unlikely places. A full-time caregiver shares what an experience with a lowly kitchen sponge taught her about the regenerative power of love and compassion.

  • July 2019
    By Darrell Fusaro

    One photographer’s desire to help match local shelter pets to forever homes has blossomed into a celebration of senior dogs and the people who love them. Read more about the special dog that sparked her passion and helped create a movement that thrives today.

  • May 2019
    By Elaine Meyer

    Author/speaker Kute Blackson says we have to trust in the soul. When the world says to turn left and the soul says turn right ... trust the soul ...

  • April 2019
    By Rev. Ellen Debenport

    The story of Easter reminds us that good can come from even the worst circumstances. Amid suffering and grief, the sun rises, the stone rolls away, and life resumes …

  • March 2019
    By Annie L. Scholl

    In her practice of social work, Salome Raheim began an integrative mind-body-spirit approach, finding that “the body is an incredible source of wisdom.”

  • February 2019
    By Brooke Correll

    Brooke Correll faced several life-altering challenges. In “My Daily Double,” she shares how her unique combination of Daily Word and yoga provided strength of mind. A video demonstration of her class is included.


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