Daily Word Articles

  • March 2018
    By Michael Bernard Beckwith

    Michael Bernard Beckwith, author and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, shares how a renewal of purpose and intention are vital to the creation of a society that honors the dignity of all beings.

  • February 2018
    By Edward Biagiotti

    Wake up from your self-limiting thought to self-releasing vertical thought, and you will experience the ceaseless flow of your own good. —Eric Butterworth

  • January 2018
    By Darrell Fusaro

    Artist and author Darrell Fusaro shares how trying hard to succeed at anything will never work as well as doing those things that make you happy.

  • December 2017
    By Rev. Ed Townley

    What is your most treasured Christmas memory? What moment captured perfectly the love and possibility that the holiday is intended to express? Rev. Ed Townley says all the energies of Christmases past are still available to us today ...

  • November 2017
    By Tricia Nelson

    Author and emotional eating expert Tricia Nelson says when our hearts are filled, we are no longer isolated ... our craving for excess food falls away ...

  • September 2017
    By Mackenzie Phillips

    After decades struggling with addiction, Mackenzie Phillips is in recovery and dedicated to her work as a substance abuse disorder counselor. Phillips wants to help people remember who they really are and to be present in life. And she says the spiritual aspects of recovery provide the tools to do that.

  • August 2017
    By Rev. Gregory Barrette

    Rev. Gregory Barrette says we are souls in evolution, not perfected, but perfect in our unfoldment ...

  • July 2017
    By Sam Bennett

    Sam Bennett, author of Start Right Where You Are, says we can take better care of ourselves starting right now. She offers a few simple tips ...

  • June 2017
    By Greg “Coach Roz” Roeszler

    Greg "Coach Roz" Roeszler is founder of the Playmakers Mentoring Foundation, promoting character and leadership to at-risk kids. "You have to be willing to meet the kids where they are," Roeszler says.

  • May 2017
    By Annie Scholl

    Photographer Keegan Boyer captures faces of the world with his Sony A7. "We're all human beings," he says. "Sure, there are differences and different circumstances ... but people are people. That's what I try to capture in every photo."


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