Daily Word Articles

  • March 2017
    By Rev. Kelly Isola

    Rev. Kelly Isola gave a series of Lenten talks on the story of Lazarus, noting that the narrative invites us to ask, "How do I move through something that appears to be impossible?" The question would save her life ...

  • February 2017
    By Laura Pfeifer

    Laura Pfeifer began to think her dog Willie was lost for good. But affirmative prayer provided peace of mind and divine answers ...

  • January 2017
    By Ellen Debenport

    Millions of people are taking care of parents or other relatives with dementia or debilitating illness. Rev. Ellen Debenport asked some caregivers what they need in terms of support and compassion.

  • December 2016
    By Rev. Rhonda Joy Gola

    In this season of Christmas, says Rev. Rhonda Joy Gola, we should discover and develop a healthy gratitude attitude ...

  • November 2016
    By Roy Nelson

    Roy Nelson says the journey back from his self-imposed hell of addiction is the single most important gift in his life. He now finds unimaginable gratitude and joy in helping others find their way …

  • October 2016
    By Aaron Ellisor

    Aaron Ellisor and husband Charles lost their beloved home in a devastating fire. Their faith allowed them to set aside grief and find the blessings in the situation ...

  • September 2016
    By Robin Chodak

    Robin Chodak lost her husband to suicide. But she found out that love does go on ... and in the grieving process found that she can help others ...

  • August 2016
    By Rev. Diana Kennedy

    Rev. Diana Kennedy reminds us that fear is just “False Evidence Appearing Real” … and we don’t have to get stuck in our limited human awareness …

  • July 2016
    By Annie L. Scholl

    Bodybuilder and health club owner David Lyons refused to be limited by a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Instead, he moved forward in faith.

  • June 2016
    By Donna Miesbach

    Donna Miesbach discovered the Truth: No matter what challenges life holds, we are never lost. We are guided every step of the way.


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