Resurrecting Your Life Force

April 2010

Sue Bryan

Licensed Unity teacher Sue Bryan is a Certified Spiritual Director, ministerial candidate in the Master of Divinity program at Unity Institute® and member of Unity of Oak Park in Oak Park, Illinois.

Through the Resurrection, Jesus showed the world the truth of the reviving, restoring power of God’s spirit within. Although in death Jesus released his human form, that experience was not the end of the story. The death of the man Jesus presented the opportunity for his demonstration of eternal divinity. Jesus showed that even death can be overcome.

There may be times when your human experience presents situations and circumstances that seem impossibly difficult. Remembering Jesus’ demonstration of overcoming can empower you with the knowing that you can move beyond any seeming challenge in your life. No thing and no one can separate you from your divine inheritance.

If you are holding on to beliefs in lack and limitation, your ability to see your divine potential is blocked. Fear, doubt and inadequacy need to be crucified or crossed out to allow your divine nature to resurrect itself. As you release beliefs that have been blocking the flow of your good, you allow the potential of your divine nature to arise. You can connect with the wisdom, strength and power within you to follow your divine inspirations.

This Easter take time in prayer and meditation to consider what is in your heart. Meditation offers time apart from everyday busyness and distractions for rest and renewal. Time in the silence is an invitation to reconnect with God’s power within you. What stone must be rolled away to free the power that will manifest your heart’s desire? God is the one power and presence. God is your strength. Repeat and affirm these truths. Through the resurrecting power all stones that seem to be blocking your good are removed. Jesus showed the world the truth of the reviving, restoring power of God’s spirit within. Let this be the message you carry with you this Easter.

The late Eric Butterworth, author of Discover the Power Within You, reminds us that “Easter … is a time to take a new look at ourselves and contemplate the Divinity in us, the depths of our own innate God-potential. It is a time to reappraise the principle that makes all overcoming possible.” We are called to see beyond the appearance of our everyday existence.

Life is more than what we see or experience in the physical realm. We have within us the Christ nature. Jesus demonstrated for us our ability to overcome any and all seeming obstacles. As we take time to connect with the Christ within, we rise above old beliefs in limitation and realize our divine potential. We are meant to fully express the greatest gifts of God. Throughout his life Jesus modeled how to express these gifts. In death Jesus demonstrated God’s eternal life within each of us.

We are filled with light, love and life. Now is the time for us to celebrate the Christ light within us, to resurrect the life force within us, in order to claim our highest good.