Co-Creating a Garden of Abundance

October 2010

Valleri Crabtree

Valleri Crabtree speaks on co-creating with God, meditation, and gratitude

Author of Universe Responding: A Spiritual Model for Life and Universe Responding: A Spiritual Model for Economic Abundance, Valleri Crabtree is a frequent guest speaker at churches across the country. She is also the host of Universe Responding  on Unity Online Radio. Stay up to date with all of Valleri's activities by joining the Universe Responding e-mail list.

I love roses. Rosebushes have been a constant pleasure throughout my life. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of helping my grandparents tend the more than 200 rosebushes in their backyard. While my own collection is more modest, I treasure and care for each one as my grandparents did theirs. I’ve learned that when roses are properly cultivated and nourished, they can last for years and years; thus, when I buy a rosebush, it is an important purchase. It will become part of the permanent landscape of my home—almost part of the family!

Before I select a new plant for my garden, I THINK about which rose will be best. My thoughts are constructive, focused and specific, as they propel me toward my objective. I research which varieties are the hardiest for my region. I consider the color, the leaves and the size of the plant when it’s mature. I am open and receptive to ideas and suggestions.

As I think purposefully about my choice, I BELIEVE that God works with me to guide me to the right and perfect rose. We may think that the purchase of a rosebush is trivial; nothing could be further from the truth. Just like the garden we’ve always wanted, the life we’ve always imagined is the sum of a multitude of opportunities that continuously arise. When we engage with God to co-create these everyday moments, we find ourselves surrounded by a flourishing garden of abundance!

Focusing now, on the rosebush, understanding that I am in partnership with God, I LISTEN. I listen for messages. Look! There’s an e-mail from my favorite garden vendor with the exact bush on sale. A friend has just stopped by to give me a bag of topsoil that she doesn’t need. My afternoon appointment cancels on a perfect day for planting. As the messages keep coming, I discern divine guidance. And I know it is the right time to proceed.

As I listen with my intellect and my intuition, I hear the messages coming from everywhere—from the Voice within during silent meditation and from numerous encounters and “coincidences” throughout my day. I am aware, awake and attentive, to hear and to follow this magnificent guidance.
I continuously communicate with God to manifest my rose. I think about the rosebush which I affirm will soon be mine, and I receive messages of guidance. But then what? I ACT; I act in harmony with the guidance I receive. Without action, nothing happens. Without action, my life does not move forward. Without action, my garden becomes barren. I commit to action as I trust God’s guidance in all things.

As I plant my new rosebush, I say, “Thank you, God, for this great new addition to my life.” ACKNOWLEDGEMENT keeps the wheel of blessings turning! My gratitude comes from an understanding that what I’ve achieved was not just the result of my own talents, skills and ambitions. I have been blessed to be part of the co-creation process.

Whether it is the co-creation of a rosebush, a new job, an enhanced relationship, the purchase of a house or anything else we desire, we can manifest it when we: THINK, BELIEVE, LISTEN, ACT and ACKNOWLEDGE. We can use this formula to partner with God and co-create a life that is a garden of abundance.