The Keys to Success

January 2011

Rev. Leo Booth

Leo Booth speaks on addiction, daily affirmations, and Let Go, Let God

Rev. Leo Booth, also known as Father Leo, is a Unity minister and an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer and trainer on all aspects of spirituality and recovery. To contact Father Leo, please visit or call 1-800-284-2804.

At a pivotal moment in my life, I realized the powerful shift that occurs when we set an intention and co-create the outcome. I came to realize my own role in divine grace and my creative relationship with God. This awareness eventually led to my move from being an Episcopal priest to becoming a Unity minister.

Unity's teaching that we have been given the divine power to determine health and abundance in our lives was crucial for me. I realized that the wonderful things that God wanted for me in my life required my cooperation and personal effort.

The popular saying, "pray, but remember to move your feet" suddenly came alive: I am involved in creating my success and happiness! With the awareness of choice, I bring blessings into my life. I am no longer a puppet dangling from a divine string, but rather a player, nay, a divine player, in my life. I like to call this divine intention. We begin to understand that the power of God does not only exist in the universe, but also exists in us. We were created to create, and the possibilities for creating abundance are limitless.

Addiction and Recovery
In my life, I've been personally connected and involved with the devastation caused by addiction. Before I entered recovery, I would say, and I still hear this statement today, I can't stop drinking." What does this statement really mean? Well, it reflects that we've forgotten we were given at birth the divine power to change our lives. God's power is within us. We really can do what we set our minds to achieve. The real truth is that if I set the intention and follow up with co-creative attitudes and behaviors, then I will not only stop drinking, but stay stopped. This is the message that people need to hear.

It is a transformational shift when a person moves from waiting for something to happen to them to proactively creating that moment in life where change occurs. It is a move from victim thinking, or "poor me," to empowerment. This understanding challenges all addictive thinking issuing from co-dependency, drugs, sex, food and gambling, and makes an essential contribution to the recovery community.

Affirming Prosperity
Much has been written over the years about how to affirm prosperity in life, and yet I know from those who are successful that intention and co-creative behaviors also play an essential role.

A friend of mine, who initially introduced me to Unity, was Rev. Jack Boland. He believed that in order to create prosperity, a plan was required, followed by daily visioning and actions that supported the initial intention. Following his reasoning, we take an idea, for example, a new house, an investment or a job. We then make a financial plan to obtain the house, make a prudent investment or obtain the experience or educational requirements to secure the job. In this way we move from an idea to a reality. If we have positive intentions and take co-creative action on those intentions, we can overcome many of the challenges in our lives. Dreams really do come true.

Living Someone Else's Story
Recently a woman shared with me that as a child, she was consistently given the message that she was ugly and stupid. For years these cruel messages kept her isolated and ashamed. Then she discovered a church that was offering a study course on The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. She joined the study group, and her thinking began to change. She realized that for too many years she had been living somebody else's story. She had become attached to the negative messages she had heard as a young girl. But these messages were not true; they did not reflect who she is.

Soon she began to live her story as a beautiful and powerful woman. Today she has organized monthly dinner meetings for singles, and she has many significant friendships. Her intention is to be happy and she is co-creating that outcome.

We Have the Power
The power of intention has a dynamic impact on the way we think and behave in our society. Metaphysically speaking, we know we have the power to cease behaviors that create unmanageable lives, but we also have feelings of powerlessness, which are derived from forgetting who we essentially are. We are divine creations living a human life. Intention releases the divine power of what it is to be truly human.

As human beings we reflect the divine essence that creates an abundant, peaceful and loving world. For me, as a recovering person, this awareness created an important shift in my thinking. I began affirming a divine intention to embrace sobriety. So today I take responsibility for my life, polishing on a daily basis the gifts I've been given. Today I remember to respect myself, thereby reflecting God's grace that undeniably moves throughout this universe.