My Healing Story

April 2011

Lilo Brandes

Lilo Brandes lives in New York City, but her travels often take her to Spain, Germany and other parts of Europe. She is an active volunteer for numerous organizations and a member of Unity of New York with Rev. Paul Tenaglia.

In December of 1987 I was diagnosed with second stage colon cancer. Surgery to remove the tumor was quickly scheduled for shortly after Christmas. I was understandably concerned and unsure, and the night before surgery, I spent the whole night praying and having a conversation with God. I talked and listened to God. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace come over me. It was the most wonderful experience of my whole life.
The feeling of well-being was with me very early the next morning as I was picked up for surgery. I felt peaceful, loved and reassured that everything would be alright. I refused any sedation, joked with the nurses and climbed on to the stretcher myself. Off we went to the operating room.
The surgery went very well. Five days later, the surgeon came into my room and told me I could go home. That was excellent news, because usually this type of surgery requires a longer stay. For many years, I had been a member of the Unity Center of New York City. At the time of the surgery, Eric Butterworth was the minister. Rev. Butterworth would often talk about Silent Unity and the healing work of Unity’s prayer ministry. I wanted to experience the prayer ministry personally, so I decided to go to Unity Village on retreat.
It was the summer following my diagnosis and surgery. One of the leaders of this particular Unity retreat was Rev. Ed Rabel. Every time a meditation was conducted, I started crying for no reason at all, which I had never done before in meditation. During one particular lecture, which I remember vividly, Rev. Rabel led us into meditation. Again, I started to cry. I then had an experience I will never forget. It felt something like electricity—entering through the top of my head, down through my whole body, and out my feet. I knew in that instant that I was permanently healed.
I arrived home to New York a few days later and immediately called for an appointment with my doctor to have the tumor markers checked. They were normal and have been normal ever since. Now more than 20 years have passed, and there has been no recurrence of colon cancer. Praise God.
Since that summer retreat back in 1988, I have attended a Unity retreat every year, sometimes twice a year, at Unity Village. I have read Daily Word for many years, and the Silent Unity prayer ministry has been a lifeline to me.
Silent Unity has been a lifeline for many of my friends as well. Because of my experience, many friends call me from all around the world—Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain. They frequently ask me to submit prayer requests to Silent Unity for them. I am privileged to do this. I call Silent Unity often. Our names are then held in prayer for 30 days.
It is an honor to be part of Silent Unity, the Daily Word family and Unity of New York. My life is blessed.