Love for No Reason

July 2011

Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff speaks on love, daily affirmations, and Divine Grace

Adapted from Love for No Reason: 7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love by Marci Shimoff, with Carol Kline. Grace Points used by permission of Edward Conmey. Excerpt of Divine Grace Prayer used by permission of Connie Huebner.

When I learned to meditate as a teenager, the instruction I received was “Let go. Take it as it comes.” I remember the first time I touched that silent place. It felt like coming home. I forgot my body and my thoughts. I felt spacious, peaceful, whole—as if I were part of the vast tapestry connecting all life.

As I came out of that state, and before I started having my usual thoughts again, I noticed that this spaciousness didn’t feel empty; it was filled—with love. I wasn’t Marci. I wasn’t 16. I was just Love.

That was the beginning of my quest to experience this expanded state of love—what I call Love for No Reason—all the time, no matter what was happening in my life.

More than thirty years after that experience, I began writing my latest book, Love for No Reason: 7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love. In the process of my research, I interviewed more than 150 unconditionally loving people—I call them Love Luminaries—and they all told me that love isn’t just something we feel for others, it’s who we are. It’s the substance, the building blocks, the essence of everything in our lives.

Most people look for love in a certain form coming from specific people. They’re like “love beggars”—holding out their cups for a few drops of love hoping to fill an emptiness inside. However, when you experience the truth that you are actually surrounded by and composed of Love, you relax and your energy expands. You connect with the ocean of love flowing within you, and you automatically become a “love philanthropist,” as your love overflows to those around you.

In my interviews for the book, I learned we don’t become “masters of love” by luck, but rather by embracing specific habits that open us to the experience of unconditional love, and these are habits we can learn quite easily.

One simple but powerful habit to establish the experience of unconditional love is to invite in Divine Grace. Certainly, as I experienced at an early age, meditation is a powerful method for opening to Grace. Prayer is too. From two of my Love Luminaries, I learned the powerful practice of a Divine Grace prayer, with one unique addition: Grace Points.

Grace Points, introduced by Edward Conmey, are pressure points in the hands that, when gently touched, activate the energy meridians in the body connected to the heart. The main grace point, found in the middle of the palm (either right or left hand), anchors positivity and releases contracted energy.Consciously using intention or prayer while holding these points allows your body to relax and moves you into an open, receptive state of clarity and peace.Here’s how to do the Divine Grace process:

1. Begin by simply holding the intention of inviting Divine Grace into your life.

2. Using the thumb of one hand, touch the middle of the palm—the main grace point—on the other hand.

3. Hold that pressure point for 30-60 seconds, while repeating this prayer (silently or out loud):

I open to Divine Grace and allow it to fill me now. I am living in Divine Grace as I move through my life. I trust Divine Grace to give me everything I need. Divine Grace is holding me now. I am overflowing in the fullness of Divine Grace. And so it is.

Divine Grace and Divine Love are two names for the same thing. When you surrender to the Divine, life becomes “grace-full.” You can trust that everything that happens is leading you to higher love and ultimately to the highest love—the love that’s beyond reasons.