Daily Word Articles

  • August 2008
    By Judy Zerafa

    Through a potentially life-ending experience and later her work as an author and motivational speaker, one woman learns that when we turn our lives over and ask God to guide us to our purpose, then follow where this guidance leads, we experience heaven.

  • July 2008
    By Cheryl Farrell

    Using the gift of her voice, a singer shows others how we all have the strength and faith to take whatever we are given in life and make something good from it.

  • June 2008
    By Rev. Gardiner Rapelye Jr.

    After his son suffers a life-threatening fall, a Unity minister learns that when he prays and looks for the good in every situation, he finds it; and what God leads him to, God leads him through.

  • May 2008
    By Stacy Schumaker Maciuk

    Knowing firsthand the struggles of growing up in the foster care system, a young woman helps other former foster care children succeed.

  • April 2008
    By Cynthia Abrams

    A couple facing their son’s unknown illness learns that life is often an adventure in faith.

  • March 2008
    By Angela Williams

    Once Angela understood that “grace comes through us when we have compassion for others that surpasses our own comfort level,” she was able to fulfill her lifelong dream of caring for others.

  • February 2008
    By Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

    Spiritually awakened, Michael Beckwith turned from drug use and drug deals to following his inner voice in living and teaching a God-centered affirmative way of life.

  • January 2008
    By Rev. Tom Thorpe

    According to Rev. Tom Thorpe, spiritual discipline for the purpose of learning a skill or growing in some other way leads to growing awareness of the divine nature we share with Jesus.

  • December 2007
    By Mary Manin Morrissey

    “The best Christmas gift we can give ourselves is to fulfill the possibility of being all that God created us to be.”

  • November 2007
    By Robin Roberts

    Her key to success? A foundation of faith and spirituality.


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