Visioning for a Brand-New Year

January 2012

Rev. Felicia Searcy

Felicia Searcy speaks on faith and joy

Felicia Searcy is a Unity minister, speaker, personal coach and the author of Do Greater Things published by Unity Books. 

It is a brand-new year, a wonderful time to explore opportunities that never before seemed possible. Before coming to Unity, New Year's resolutions took the form of do's and don'ts for me-like, I should be nicer to my family and stop eating junk food! Once I started studying spiritual principles, I learned a different way to envision my future.

Now each day is a clean slate filled with unlimited promise of a rich and joyous life. Every morning, I envision my best day and set the intention to live according to the dream that Spirit longs to express through me.

Jesus understood the power of vision coupled with intention. He cast a vision every time he talked about the kingdom of heaven. He had the unique capacity to live fully in the moment while envisioning the dream of what was possible. His life-affirming vision formed his thoughts, words and actions. He held the vision of an awakened life not just for himself but for each one of us as well.

Visioning is exciting and fun. We become exhilarated about the upcoming year as we see new possibilities. The challenge begins when we endeavor to manifest our dreams. We intend to live congruently with our dream, then life gets in the way. Old paradigms try to pull us back. Outer conditions overwhelm our newfound enthusiasm, and before we know it, we are repeating the same old self-defeating patterns.

This is why the spiritual practice of faith is vital. Jesus demonstrated the power of faith with his laser-beam focus on the presence of God regardless of any outer condition. He taught us how to look beyond perceived limitations to see only the evidence of good and the infinite flow of abundance.

As a minister and Life Mastery Consultant, I have been honored to witness and assist the awakening process in countless people. In my book, Do Greater Things: Following in Jesus’ Footsteps, I tell a story of a woman who dealt with extreme health challenges. Walking was difficult for her, and as a result, she was restricted in what she could do and where she could go. Yet her dream was to attend our local university to resume her studies.

Despite the appearance of limitation, this woman held to her vision and cultivated the faith to keep her focused along the way. She created a support system and studied spiritual principles until, against all odds, her dream came true. She went back to school and achieved dean’s list status after her first semester. Even when it seemed that her longings were just an impossible dream, she maintained faith in the power and presence of Spirit.

This is what faith is all about. Without having to have every detail mapped out for us, we take the next step that Spirit reveals and great things begin to unfold.

Remember, everything is created twice—first in mind, then in the physical realm. We are the channel through which Creative Mind expresses. When we anchor our being in this Truth, we are no longer bystanders, we are active participants. We understand that our dreams and desires are the way Spirit expresses and expands Its presence in us and in our world.

I invite you to take time at the beginning of 2012 to create a vision for yourself for the next 365 days. Imagine it is December 31, 2012, and you are reviewing the past year. What successes did you experience? How have you grown in your relationships and what are the highlights of your year? Allow your imagination to roam, and without censorship or judgment, write down what comes to you.

We know and affirm that the Creative Impulse is working in and through us. We give thanks that our natural state is one of joy and abundance. As we live and move and have our being from this vision, we create heaven in our own lives and heaven on earth.


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