Rise Above Your Past

April 2012

Eric Butterworth

Eric Butterworth speaks on forgiveness and Let Go, Let God

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Perhaps you are harboring a sense of guilt for something done or left undone in the past. Your past is retained only by your thought. It is not the incident but the memory of it that causes the effects of it today. The moment it is dropped from your consciousness, it is gone from the only place it ever existed.

This doesn’t bespeak license, but liberty, freedom from the bondage of the past to which you have bound yourself. True forgiveness, perhaps the only kind of forgiveness, is self-forgiveness. God forgives as you forget and forgive, as you rise above the limited consciousness and walk on.

What you have been is not important. All that counts in your life is what you are reaching for, what you are becoming.

If you are hoping and praying for some new unfoldment, some inner or outer change, are you ready to let go of the person you have been so you can let the flow of unfoldment be fulfilled through you as the person you desire to be, the person God sees you as being? Jesus said, “you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (Jn. 8:32). He meant free from the mistakes of the past and the effects of those mistakes. To know the Truth is to let go of untruths. Recalling negatives about yourself is rattling skeletons in your mental closet. They have no reality, but they can stir up great fears.

Life is much more positive, more productive, and far happier on a past-is-forgotten basis. Memory courses are good and helpful, but most of us have more need of learning to forget. We should not try to get fulfillment from past successes nor be bound by past failures. Consider people such as Lincoln, Churchill and Edison. They respected their minds too much to clutter them with thoughts of failure or bitterness. They had good “forgetteries.”

So if there be any virtue or praise, think on these things, file them in the memory mind, but forget the rest. Develop a good forgettery and you will find yourself with an amazingly good memory too, for the two conditions are indissolubly linked.