Hope in the Face of Fear

August 2013

Carla McClellan

Carla McClellan speaks on praying for others and hope

Rev. Carla McClellan is a Unity minister, certified life coach, and host of the weekly radio program Vibrant Living: Life Coaching With Carla, Tuesdays on Unity Online Radio. Call in to the live programs for free on-air coaching.

I love watching as people find the courage within them to take a risk, to be authentic, to face their fears. I admire it. It inspires me and brings me hope. As a life coach, I love helping people find the truth of who they are and to help them realize that life is more than their circumstances, more than their fears.

My friend Ann has spina bifida. Ann has endured 83 operations in her life, yet she is the most positive woman you could ever meet. She is so beautiful and has a radiant smile. I spoke with Ann on the morning of her last surgery in which she was to have her kidney removed. In her humanity, she was scared, and that was normal—to go through such a huge operation is a scary thing. In the midst of her fear, it was hard for Ann to see the good in her situation. As I prayed with Ann before her surgery, I said, “Even in your disbelief, can you believe that I believe there is good in this situation? Can you believe that I love you unconditionally and that I see you as whole, well, and complete?”

She said, “Oh, yes!”

Through relationship, we can support one another in our darkest times. We can inspire each other to know that life is more than suffering, that there is a way through whatever we are facing with hope, light, and love.

We are not meant to be on this journey alone. Asking for support makes life easier and invites grace. If we are willing to give and receive love, to encourage and support one another, to be one hundred percent authentic with those we love, we can experience greater strength, compassion, and enthusiasm than we experience alone.

Now, was Ann excited about going through the surgery? No. But something within her knew she would get through the experience. Ann faced her fear and took the risk to move forward in spite of it.

Each one of us faces challenging circumstances in our lives. We go through hard times. We make plans, and those plans change. That is the nature of physical reality. Conversely, the nature of metaphysical reality is high energy, unlimited possibilities, generosity of spirit, and unconditional love. We want to take that high energy, those possibilities, and bring them fully into physical reality.

When the unexpected knocks us down, we are being called to remember who we are. If we are unable to remember, we ask for support from others and especially from God within. In and through all things, the power of God guides, supports, and comforts us.

When Ann called after her surgery, she shared that it had not been as difficult as she thought it would be. The prayers and loving support of her friends filled her with a sense of joy. She is now looking forward to new ways of experiencing the fullness of life.


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