The Gift of Creativity

March 2014

George and Sedena Cappannelli

George and Sedena Cappannelli speak on creativity and Let Go, Let God

The Cappannellis are the founders of AgeNation and authors of Do Not Go Quietly. Visit them at

In springtime—as Earth turns toward renewal, fitfully and in starts, but with nature’s innate certainty—new seeds push their roots downward with dogged determination and tender buds begin their journey upward toward their unfolding. As we turn with hope from winter’s introspection toward the sun’s promise of warmth and the return of full color to our landscapes, let us celebrate personal renewal. Let us cele­brate the life-affirming bubbling up of our inherent creativity.

Creativity flows outward from Spirit to touch our hearts and inspire our minds with visions of what is new and possible. Creativity is the process through which we give tangible form to the subtle hints from unmanifested dreams. Creativity is the energy that allows us to transform our daily lives and honor our connection to God.

At this time of year, let us express our gratitude to Mother Earth for the extraordinary habitat she provides. Let us bow in acknowledgment to Spirit who, as our muse, prompts us, no matter how old or young we are, to creatively add the notes of our individual stories to the great song of Life. 

Our Song
A number of years ago, we thought our lives were on a certain course, but an experience prompted us to change direction. Destiny often disguises itself. 

As our respective parents faced challenges in growing older, we experienced feelings of sadness, confusion, and conflict. At the time, we did not recognize these feelings as the first notes of our new song—our new mission—but they were.

As we focused on making our parents’ journeys easier and more comfortable, many troubling questions came up about our own.

We strived to give our parents the kind of love and support they had given us so selflessly when we were young, but these were not easy gifts to return, especially given our geographic distance. In today’s world, families often live far apart. We also find that the world is obsessed with youth and averse to aging and dying. So often our society denies honor and support to those whose contributions have made all of our lives possible.

Through the experience of helping our parents, Spirit opened our eyes to a much larger issue. We learned that our parents’ challenges were harbingers of the unfolding story of our time, one that will significantly affect 150 million people who will soon be 50 years of age and older in America, and billions more around the world.

We were moved to tell this story, ensuring dignity, honor, and new opportunities for our elders, while building bridges of understanding across generations. In so doing, we founded our company, AgeNation. This was not without challenges and doubts—our own and those of others. But creativity seldom unfolds without doubts!

Slowly we began to access deeper questions, listen more patiently, and wait for answers with greater humility. Slowly Spirit encouraged us to surrender to what was being asked of us with greater courage and gratitude. AgeNation now offers valuable inspiration, engagement, and solutions to the challenges and opportunities of aging.

This is why we celebrate the miracle of creativity and renewal this spring and why we encourage you, from deep in our hearts, to open more fully to Spirit’s creative flow. If you find yourself asking “How?” go a little deeper, breathe a little slower, listen a little closer, and trust a little more. You will uncover more of the unique note only you can contribute to the song of life. You will tap into the dream you were born to live and thereby touch us all.