Affirmative Prayer

August 2014

Linda An

Lina An speaks on daily prayers and daily affirmations

Linda An and her husband Jim attend Unity of Columbus in Ohio. She is presently working on her memoir about how affirmative prayer changed her life from spiritual death to resurrection.

For many years, I struggled with self-doubt, emotional pain, childhood family problems, betrayal, and deep depression. To make a long story short, I had tried many things and had been given much advice, to no avail. I had been in a state of life-altering depression for three years, when a booklet from Unity arrived in my mail.

I had not gone to church for many years, but I occasionally read Daily Word and other Unity pamphlets. None had ever moved me as this one did. This particular booklet gave me a glimmer of hope with phrases like: God’s will is for you to have right companionship. God’s will is for you to have your heart’s desire. God’s will is for you to be happy. 

Happy? What was that? My life had been a series of ups and downs, and the downs were more prominent than the ups. I read this booklet again and again. Slowly the message began to sink into my foggy heart and mind.

I made up my mind that no matter how depressed I became, how confused, fearful, or insecure, I would begin to practice affirmative prayer. Prior to this, my prayers had been, “Please God, get me out of this mess!” I would then forget about God until the next mess. 

In desperation, I set out to see if positive prayer would bring forth a new life as God promised. So each dawn, I would arise, sit on my couch affirming and listening, affirming and listening. After a while, I realized God was talking to me, and I began to heal.

Thoughts would float into my mind, thoughts I had never heard before. I would take a thought and work with it, affirming it repeatedly until I realized in heart and mind that these truths were for me. They were of Spirit. The prayers came from deep within me, from the unconscious to the conscious. I could hardly believe this was happening! It was magical and heart-filling. My words and thoughts became reality and my whole world changed. I opened to the good that had been waiting for me and is waiting for everyone. 

Through prayer, I am positive that Truth will find us, that true healing and strength come from within, and that healing is possible through the Spirit by positive affirmation and union with God. We are like hourglasses, with Spirit filling us up, replacing the hurts and defeats of our past.  

There is a new world, just waiting to be unveiled. God is waiting in anticipation and joy for us to discover ourselves. I believe this is the spiritual transformation promised; I believe it is through affirmation, listening, and gratitude that this world unfolds.

It is not easy, in fact it can be very difficult, to sit, day after day, listening to Spirit, praying affirmatively, and then becoming these words, gracefully and graciously. But this happened to me and it can happen to you.