Prayer Time

October 2014

Britt Hall

Britt Hall speaks on daily affirmations and praying for others

Britt Hall is director of music ministry and Sunday services at Unity of New York, where he is also cofounder. He is a licensed Unity teacher and director of Spiritus vocal ensemble.

“Good morning, PP.” How I love to hear those words. “PP” is the endearing name Angela, my “prayer partner,” and I have for each other, and it makes me giggle. No matter what challenge may be happening in our lives, we always manage to begin and end our prayers with a giggle.

Five mornings a week, Angela and I pray. We begin by asking each other how we are doing. This, in and of itself, is an exercise in staying on point. As Angela is living with a traumatic brain injury, staying focused can be challenging for her; sometimes the tangents can fly. However, we are both blessed with full schedules, and we understand the importance of honoring each other’s time.

Next we ask what the prayer request is for the day. We take a moment to center ourselves and acknowledge the sacredness of this time. We establish the flow of gratitude by acknowledging our blessings—past, present, and yet to unfold. 

We pray affirmatively, knowing that our prayer is not about focusing on a problem or situation that might be occurring, but instead acknowledging that God is always present. 

The power of the prayer is amplified as we declare and know the Truth for each other. We remind one another that Divine Guidance within is bringing clarity to every activity, every encounter, every moment of the day: “Spirit is guiding your way as you go forward today to meet your good.” 

Quite often our prayers are simply of gratitude. We know that gratitude is reciprocal, and that even in a challenging circumstance, a gift is emerging. 

If a relationship needs to be healed or we, or someone we are praying for, has a financial or health challenge, we keep our awareness on the Truth of God instead of the challenge at hand. Some of our favorite and often-used affirmations are: 

I have more than enough time and energy to do what needs to be done by me.

It is not I, but the Christ within doing the work—whatever the work is.

All things are working together for the highest and best outcome for all involved.

Divine Wisdom guides my every step. 

Today, instead of focusing on what’s wrong, I notice what’s right. 

I am well-balanced, whole, and perfect—spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

In addition to affirmations, we use denials. A denial is a form of release. Our first principle in Unity is “God is the One Power and One Presence.” If this is true, and I believe it is, there can be no other power. In prayer we deny that any one or any thing has the power to deplete our good; then we affirm our ability to overcome any challenge we could ever face, through God within. 

Prayer is palpable. It is not a magic wand, but rather a tool, the most powerful there is.