Daily Word Articles

  • April 2012
    By Eric Butterworth

    Eric Butterworth, who served Unity 55 years as a minister, lecturer, author, and radio personality, says that if we really want to achieve an inner or outer change, we have to be ready to let go of the person we have been to allow the flow of unfoldment to be the person we desire.

  • March 2012
    By Temple Hayes

    After redefining the real meaning of the word “Fear,” this Unity minister was able to fully accept and embrace her calling as a dynamic public speaker.

  • February 2012
    By Don Rogers

    Despite the physical and societal challenges of male breast cancer, Don Rogers is able to turn the experience into a blessing and share it with others.

  • January 2012
    By Rev. Felicia Searcy

    According to Rev. Felicia Searcy, setting an intention for what you want in life, rather than making a resolution of do’s and don’ts, it’s a more powerful way to start off the New Year.

  • December 2011
    By Rev. Myra McFadden

    By taking a few simple steps, Rev. Myra McFadden demonstrates how to create a peaceful, joyful holiday.

  • November 2011
    By Rev. Paulette Pipe

    Even when in the midst of a crisis, we can draw upon the power of thanksgiving and gratitude.

  • October 2011
    By Rev. Carla McClellan

    By looking at life as a Hero’s Journey we can experience a greater sense of joy, fulfillment and satisfaction, and in the process cultivate a more meaningful relationship with our authentic self.

  • September 2011
    By Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett

    When Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett’s son was deployed with the Marines to the Iraq War, she was reminded how prayer is much more than asking God to change certain conditions.

  • August 2011
    By Shawna Todd

    Author Shawna Todd show how through living in partnership with God, we can create the life of our dreams.

  • July 2011
    By Marci Shimoff

    A meditation experience as a teenager leads one woman on a quest to discover the true essence of love.



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