Daily Word Articles

  • March 2015
    By Mark Matousek

    In my late 20s, I was your typical New York City alpha male. I never asked myself any philosophical questions. It took a fatal medical diagnosis for me to realize I did not have an inner life. 

  • February 2015
    By Kristen Moeller

    Life as I knew it blazed away the day my house burned to the ground. The devastating wildfire demolished 21 homes and killed three of my neighbors.

  • January 2015
    By Robert Brumet

    We often look outside ourselves to find acceptance and experience God’s love, but radical self-acceptance can help open our hearts to divine love.

  • December 2014
    By James Dillet Freeman

    Christmas is, first of all, the Christmas story. Christmas is the birth of Christ. The birth of Christ is the birth of humanity’s best dream and highest hope. It is the birth of God in humanity.

  • November 2014
    By Paul John Roach

    I believe we need only one thing to live in gratitude and appreciation. That one thing is our ability to allow the present moment to unfold just as it is.

  • October 2014
    By Britt Hall

    “Good morning, PP.” How I love to hear those words. “PP” is the endearing name Angela, my “prayer partner,” and I have for each other, and it makes me giggle.

  • September 2014
    By Angela Leigh Tucker

    My life almost ended six years ago.

  • August 2014
    By Linda An

    For many years, I struggled with self-doubt, emotional pain, childhood family problems, betrayal, and deep depression.

  • July 2014
    By Coach Felicia

    My future was bright … if one were to judge my life by the socially imposed checklists by which we usually measure success. I was popular in school.

  • June 2014
    By Dan Holloway

    My dad used to tell me that anything was possible. “Some things are unlikely,” he would say, “but anything is possible!” 


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