Daily Word Articles

  • May 2014
    By Carla McClellan

    My mother was dying. There, I said it out loud. Her doctor was a compassionate man, but he needed to be blunt.

  • April 2014
    By Greg Barrette

    When I was a seminary student, one of my roommates was a portly, retired Jamaican restaurateur, Steven Samms, who went on to lead one of the most successful Unity ministries in Kingston, Jamaica’s

  • March 2014
    By George and Sedena Cappannelli

    In springtime—as Earth turns toward renewal, fitfully and in starts, but with nature’s innate certainty—new seeds push their roots downward with dogged determination and tender buds begin their jou

  • February 2014
    By Nhien T. Vuong

    I didn’t see it as an expression of love until decades later. What my mom did every morning of my childhood felt, instead, like rejection.

  • January 2014
    By Dan Millman

    Moment to moment, our awareness resides either in a conventional or transcendental world or reality.

  • November 2013
    By Toni Stephens Coleman

    I arrived at my new home on January 10, four days after my 10th birthday. I had just spent my first Christmas in the Los Angeles juvenile protective custody system.

  • October 2013
    By Myrtle Fillmore

    The full version of this article was first published in Unity Magazine in 1897 and is now part of the Unity Classic pamphlet series.

  • September 2013
    By Chaz Wesley

    Faced with a diagnosis of cancer and multiple sclerosis, Chaz Wesley, in a moment of awakening, is guided to allow wholeness to take place in his body.

  • August 2013
    By Carla McClellan

    I love watching as people find the courage within them to take a risk, to be authentic, to face their fears. I admire it. It inspires me and brings me hope.

  • July 2013
    By Kevin Kitrell Ross

    As long as I can remember, I’ve always had dreams.


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