Making Up My Mind

October 2015

Rick Goings

Rick Goings is chief executive officer of Tupperware Brands Corporation, based in Orlando, Florida. He and his wife, Susan Porcaro Goings, are recognized for empowering women around the world. 

When I was in my 40s, I lived and worked in New York City. On Sundays I attended lectures by Unity minister Rev. Eric Butterworth. I also listened to meditations delivered by his wife, Olga. The couple’s teachings led me to the concept that the purpose of life is to become the best possible version of yourself

Reading Daily Word was a part of my morning routine for years by then, along with exercise and meditation. This may sound robotic but it’s not, because once you set your mind on something and do it, you’re free. These practices helped move me through a surprising twist in my successful career at Avon Products, Inc.

I had started there as director of sales development in 1985. Within a few years, after multiple global assignments, I became president and senior operating officer of Avon USA. Then after my rapid rise to the top, I was fired. 

Yes, it hurt to lose a job, but getting fired led to an incredible opportunity. I joined Tupperware Worldwide as president in 1992 and five years later was named chairman and CEO of Tupperware Brands Corporation. The past 20 years have been amazing. 

It all begins with mindset. Daily Word is still part of my spiritual practice, helping me make up my mind to become the best possible version of myself.