Rejoice Always

December 2016

Rev. Rhonda Joy Gola

Rev. Rhonda Gola

Rev. Rhonda Joy Gola serves as minister for Unity New Zealand and director of Silent Unity and Daily Word in New Zealand. Rev. Rhonda is also a member of the Australasian Unity Leaders and Ministries (AULM) and Unity National School (UNS) for Australia and New Zealand. 

Christmas offers us many opportunities to cultivate our attitude of gratitude. The “Spirit of Christmas” is not just a season—it is a way of living in gratitude for God’s loving presence active in our lives. Gratitude opens our minds and hearts, our eyes and ears to see and give thanks for the good in the Now! As we enter into the Christmas season, let us consciously choose to move through all that is before us in loving gratitude to God, sharing the greatest gift given to us all by God—the gift of our Christ Nature. Let us rejoice always!

By God’s grace and goodwill we have all been given the opportunity to discover and develop a healthy gratitude attitude. We can use the power of praise and thanksgiving to lift ourselves and others to a higher level of joy and goodwill.

The prospering power of giving thanks daily works wonders in our lives. The most uplifting effect of developing a daily habit of giving thanks is this: we begin to become aware of how much more we have to be thankful for. Unity cofounder Myrtle Fillmore once said, “There is nothing like appreciation, love, praise, and thanksgiving to increase your good. The more you praise and give thanks, the greater will be the outpouring of the riches of the kingdom.”

We all experience the difference in energy when we feel grateful for our good and pass it forward—expressing our love to those around us. As we move into the busier weeks before Christmas, let us practice joyfully counting our blessings, giving thanks constantly. Remember that as we praise and express gratitude—wherever we are, or whatever we are doing—we become a blessing to others. We let our Christ Light shine in wondrous ways that only God can and does express through us.

So as the Christmas season unfolds, if you become caught up with all the “doing,” choose to move into simply “being.” Stop. Take a conscious breath. Know in truth that you are one with the Christ Light within. Sing your praises to God for all your blessings in your life right now! Choose to give the gift of your Christ Light as love, joy, peace, and goodwill in all that is before you and to those around you. Affirm: I am an expression of God’s love and light to all.

May your Christmas be filled with love, light, peace, and joy, and may 2017 bring forth abundant blessings in all areas of your life.