Four Paws and Plenty of Prayers

February 2017

Laura Pfeifer

Laura Pfeifer

Laura Pfeifer works in the Development Department at Unity World Headquarters, serving Unity supporters and friends in eight states. She shares her home with two rescue dogs, Snuggles and Eugene, and attends Unity Church of Lawrence, Kansas.

It was 1994, and I opened the door to my new apartment after my first day at my job in Phoenix, Arizona. I was excited, happy, and energized about all that was mine to do.

As I walked in, I immediately knew something wasn’t right. My little dog Willie always greeted me with great gusto. I felt panic set in when she didn’t appear. I looked everywhere, and my hopes quickly faded. My heart sunk when I saw the voice mail message light blinking. “Hi, Laura. This is the rental office. I’m so sorry, but our maintenance men came in today to do some work, and your dog escaped.” I sat on the floor and cried.

I had adopted Willie when she was 4 months old. She “picked me” while I was volunteering at an animal shelter, and she’d been with me ever since—through breakups, job changes, and moves. She was with me when I went through a serious bout of depression, laying on my  lap while I cried myself to sleep, and nuzzling under my neck when I was sick. I needed her.

I had just moved to the area, so Willie didn’t have her new address tags yet, and microchipping didn’t exist. Even if someone found her, they wouldn’t find me! I called friends and asked them to pray. I was overwhelmed with worry and sadness. My friend Caroline called me and said, “I asked a group of people to pray for you, and they are all affirming that you will find Willie.” I thanked her. Knowing that others were holding Willie in prayer for her safe return provided much-needed peace of mind.

My parents came to help. Dad rented a bike and rode through the neighborhoods handing out flyers to mail carriers, neighbors, and anyone else who would listen. Mom and I checked local shelters and veterinary offices daily.

It had been four days, and my hopes were fading. Then it happened! Dad and I returned from our nightly search, and Mom greeted us with tear-filled eyes, saying that someone found Willie! This was before cell phones, so she’d been waiting for us to return. I called the number, confirmed that it was indeed Willie, and jumped in the car to get her.

Willie ran out of the house to greet me. After a tearful reunion, I asked the family how she came to be at their house. Their response clearly showed divine answers to everyone’s united prayers.

When Willie escaped, she went through back alleys rather than going down the busy street where she probably would have been hit. She found her way to a front porch of a dog owner’s home. They were concerned that their large dog might accidentally hurt Willie, so they asked their daughter to take her in. Willie was welcomed, even taking baths with their kids. They could tell she was well-loved.

Instead of going to their regular vet, they took Willie to a local office near where she’d been found. They told the receptionist that they’d found a dog and wanted to get her checked as they were planning to keep her. That woman happened to be the same person Mom had talked to when we called the local veterinarians. She told the family that someone was looking for this little dog and gave them my number.

Fast-forward to 2006 when I took a job with Unity World Headquarters, home of the Silent Unity prayer ministry. I didn’t know much about Silent Unity at the time. Once I learned more, I recalled the prayer group my friend Caroline had mentioned when Willie was lost. I called her and asked, “Was that Silent Unity that you called?” The answer was “Yes.”

Silent Unity prayers work, even if you have no idea they are praying for you! Knowing that others are holding you in prayer brings peace of mind. If you have a prayer request for yourself or a loved one—even those with paws—I invite you to give them a call (816-969-2000) and experience that peace for yourself.