Living in the Spirit of Renewal

March 2018

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder of Agape International Spiritual Center and has authored four award-winning books, including Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation. He has appeared on SuperSoul Sunday, Dr. Oz, and Tavis Smiley. For more information, visit and

Just as the spring season consummates Mother Nature’s evolutionary process, so do we evolve in sync with its dance, perfecting the creative energies we have been nurturing throughout earlier seasons of our lives, which are now ready to blossom into expression in, as, and through us. The question is: How can we best prepare ourselves for this next evolutionary leap?

The beautiful thing about the spiritual evolutionary process is that it takes place right on the altar of your own being—just you and your higher self, communing as one. In that sacred union, you enter a profound state of contentment, clarity, and receptivity. By anchoring yourself in such an affirmative state of consciousness, you empower yourself to enter the undiscovered regions of your being and blossom into more of your true self. In my own experience, I have identified specific spiritual practices that place me within hearing range of Spirit’s gracious invitation into renewal.

It is through the practice of meditation that we learn to pay attention to reality, resulting in a realization of our oneness with Source. There is no substitute for this divine communion, so if you haven’t yet found a meditation practice, I encourage you to do your research and select a technique that suits your nature and include it in your daily routine.

Once we have tangibly tasted our oneness with Source, we become willing to surrender to its ongoing guidance and vision for our lives. Surrender requires our readiness, commitment, patience, and the intentionality wherein we say to ourselves, I am on the threshold of a deepening state of consciousness, a new state of being, and I surrender to every aspect of its unfoldment. Through daily affirmative prayer we offer encouragement to ourselves, amplifying our intention to evolve and grow. Practice of the Life Visioning Process, a spiritual technology I originated and describe in my book, Life Visioning, enables us to catch Spirit’s vision for our lives, thus contributing to cocreating our lives and the unfoldment of our souls directly with Spirit.

We have now arrived at the outer blossoming of renewal, which is about putting into action our insights and how we are meant to deliver our gifts, talents, and skills as a beneficial presence on the planet. This aspect of renewal offers the opportunity to expand from a “me and mine” mindset into a “we” consciousness, impacting every community in which we are involved—family, the workplace, our spiritual community, neighborhood, town, state, the world.

There is no question that we are living in stressful, uncertain times, wherein a renewal of purpose and intention are vital to the creation of a society that honors the dignity of all beings. As I’m known to say, “The news informs us of what to include on our prayer list.” As we relate to our world citizenship, I invite us not to allow fear to take over our hearts. Instead, let us turn within to our own true nature and trust in the grace that interpenetrates and surrounds all beings, thus renewing on the soul level our covenant with Spirit, ourselves, and all existence. As the realization that we are members of a global family finds its home in more and more hearts, it announces that now is the season to become a spiritual evolutionary who realizes that the solution to life’s challenges is a spiritual one, that only victory through love is permanent.

Our affirmative response to Spirit’s clarion call to recognize and honor our interconnectivity as one world family is a vital aspect of spiritual renewal. It is an acknowledgment that we have shaken off our winter sleep and have now awakened to the verdant, luscious, fertile, beautiful inner landscape within all beings as we go forward united as one global heart, together beaming a cosmic smile across the universe.