Trust the Soul: A Conversation With Kute Blackson

May 2019

Elaine Meyer

Kute Blackson interview Daily Word Magazine, Trust the Soul, Elaine Meyer

Elaine Meyer worked at Unity World Headquarters for more than 30 years, serving as copywriter, web editor, and editor-in-chief of Daily Word magazine. She first learned of Kute Blackson on Unity Online Radio. In her role as editor-in-chief, Elaine also interviewed actor Mackenzie Phillips, author Wm. Paul Young, and Oprah Winfrey.

Kute Blackson grew up speaking at his father’s churches, and at age 18, Kute followed his soul and moved to the United States. Now an internationally recognized author and speaker, Blackson helps others tap in to their true potential. In this interview with Daily Word editor Elaine Meyer, Kute shares how miracles can happen when we surrender and allow divine life to move through us.

Elaine Meyer: You shared with me that you are familiar with Daily Word.

Kute Blackson: I grew up reading Daily Word. My father had numerous churches in Ghana and had a huge church in London. He started reading Unity, Charles Fillmore, Religious Science, New Thought metaphysical. I grew up reading and studying Unity principles as a kid.

EM: In your book You.Are.The.One, you share that as an only child you were expected to follow in your father’s footsteps.

KB: I was ordained, but I had a deep sense that this wasn’t my path. I was afraid if I told my father, if I spoke my truth, if I was honest, that I would be outcast. I didn’t want to rock the boat. Sadly, I didn’t say anything for years. At age 18, I finally mustered the courage to have a conversation with my father. I realized that nothing was worth my true freedom, and I might be successful by everyone else’s standards, but if I don’t have myself, then I have nothing.

I really felt my soul was guiding, leading me in a direction that was unexplainable. I had no idea where I was going. I had no idea what it was going to look like. I just knew I wanted to come to the United States of America, to Los Angeles, California. Many of the authors I read about lived there—Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and more. A metaphysical rhythm seemed to be happening in Southern California. I wanted to come here to find these teachers and authors, to learn from them, study with them.

You see, our dreams choose us. Our purpose chooses us because we are the perfect people to fulfill those dreams. But those dreams belong to the Divine, and we are simply the vehicles through which life is seeking to manifest those dreams and visions. All we have to do is say yes and get ourselves out of the way.

I said yes. I came to the United States with a dream and a vision. That moment has really been my affirmation, my living proof to trust my soul unequivocally, even when the world tells me to turn left, and my soul says turn right. What God can do through me, what life can do through me, what consciousness can do through me, is far greater than anything I can do of my own self. It’s been a path of trusting my soul.

Opening Ourselves to Surrender

EM: Do you still have “wow” moments that surprise you, even though you’ve trusted and the outcomes are absolutely what you expect?

KB: It’s still “wow” because so many things have happened in my life that are beyond anything I could have planned, visualized, intended, or even affirmed. The key is to surrender entirely to Source. When we realize that we are not the doer, we are not the one that makes it happen, we open ourselves to surrender. It’s life that’s living as us and through us and in us.

So, for me, it has been a continual process over the years—deeper levels of surrender and allowing life to live. The great ones—Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, and so on—learned to surrender and allow life to move through them. What life was able to do through them was more than anything that they of their own human ego could have done.

Miracles happen when we don’t put any limits on life. We remove conditions and say, Universe, I’m available. Universe, use me. That’s when amazing things happen. That’s been a key foundation of my life: Life is unfolding. Life is happening. We stress when we seek to control things that aren’t in our control. There is a great intelligence, consciousness, Divine, God, the I AM presence—whatever label you want to put on it, it’s living and breathing us. When we realize that it’s there for us, stress drops away. We just have to show up, say yes, give a hundred percent, do our best, and let life do the rest.

What God can do through me, what life can do through me, what consciousness can do through me, is far greater than anything I can do of my own self. It’s been a path of trusting my soul.

EM: For someone just entering the workforce or making a major change in life, the pressure to be successful can be tremendous. How do we find that place of peace? 

KB: Focus on what is in your control right now, then take action. Take one practical step: I can make this one phone call right now. I can write this email for this job right now. I can cultivate this particular skill right now.

Oftentimes our mind is part of what creates stress. We have 65,000 thoughts a day, and if we try to control them all, they are going to drive us crazy. Stress arises because we are believing and empowering those thoughts.

Ask yourself: Is what I’m thinking fact or fiction? We could be living a fictional thought as though it’s fact, and we take action that is consistent with what we’re thinking. The results turn out to mirror and justify the thought that we’re thinking.

On the Path to Freedom

EM: You’ve been called a modern-day mystic and a visionary. You’re living the dream that chose you so many years ago. So what’s next?

KB: I feel a fierce urgency when I wake up every morning—an inner drive that I want people to know who they are because if we don’t know who we are, we can never truly be free. We will always be seeking freedom in the external world—in drugs, in money, in sex, in something. I want people to feel that freedom because once you feel that freedom, then you can be in the world and experience this magnificent existence.

EM: Any last thoughts for our readers?

KB: One of the things I’d invite everyone to do is take an inventory of their life. Life is a spiritual practice. One of the things that keeps us stuck is when we lie to ourselves out of fear. Deep down we do know when a relationship is not quite aligned, or we work at a job that is not quite our true purpose.

To me happiness is simple. Acknowledge the Truth. Feel the Truth. Live the Truth, and we will come into alignment. The world needs our gifts, our talents, our voices now more than ever before. We must take our spirituality, our meditations, mantras, and visualizations, off the shelf, off the yoga mat, out of the pulpit, off the Himalayas, and live it fully, fiercely, compassionately, boldly in the world. That’s when we bring heaven on earth. Our voices are needed, and I hope people are inspired to live that Truth, to live their love now more than ever.