Daily Word Articles

  • November 2020
    By Rev. Thomas Shepherd, D.Min.

    What did we learn in 2020? If nothing else, learning how to say thank you, to have gratitude for what we have, and to give thanks in all circumstances.

  • September 2020
    By Meg McConahey

    Meet Beatriz and Frank Bell, who travel flood-ravaged Argentina to share Daily Word’s message of positive spirituality.

  • August 2020
    By Daryn L. Wells

    The crucible of divorce can help in forging new horizons in self-understanding and self-care, turning a painful ending into a bright, new beginning.

  • July 2020
    By Trish Yancey

    A health challenge can be a profound catalyst for healing and self-knowledge. Read how the path to realizing wholeness includes surrender, forgiveness, acceptance, and, finally, gratitude.

  • June 2020
    By Rev. Eileen Patra

    When frustration and disappointment abound, it’s time to look for the gift in our more challenging situations. Shifting gears from exasperation to gratitude helps us steer toward happiness.

  • May 2020
    By Jonathan L. Walton

    Reading Daily Word and a daily prayer practice has helped to give John Curtis Washington the power to persevere through racial injustice for 70 years.

  • April 2020
    By Courtney Carver

    How Courtney Carver’s MS diagnosis led to greater self-care, a simplified home, and a new life of wholeness.

  • March 2020
    By Rev. Jeniffer Hutchins

    The best way to tame monkey mind might be to give those monkeys something fun to do. Making art may just be the perfect pathway to blissful, meditative stillness.

  • February 2020
    By Dr. Marj Britt

    The ebb and flow of love is a constant in everyone’s life.

    Tapping into the love that lives within us and calling it forth into expression keeps it alive in our hearts, through all the seasons of life.

  • January 2020
    By Rev. Diana Kennedy

    A New Year’s resolution together with mindful spiritual practice is a winning combination and a recipe for long-term success. 


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