Daily Word Articles

  • December 2012
    By David McNally

    Like many people, this author has at times felt that he was not “good enough.” But while enduring rigorous treatment for a medical diagnosis, he experienced the profound blessing of acceptance.

  • November 2012
    By Rev. Gregory Barrette

    Through the teachings of the late Eric Butterworth, a man learns that miracles can be created by simply giving thanks in any situation.

  • October 2012
    By Rev. Mary Anne Harris

    In a heartbeat, life can change. Yet, we can face any situation with faith, prayer and the support of our friends.

  • September 2012
    By Max Cleland

    “When we get to the end of our rope that’s when we most need the grace of God and the help of our friends.” These words helped one man devastated by personal injury climb the ranks to live life to the fullest.

  • August 2012
    By Millie Webb

    During a medical emergency, a young woman uses the "Prayer for Protection" to stay centered in the Truth.

  • July 2012
    By Ester Nicholson

    Through tears, prayer, meditation, forgiveness, studying and processing, one woman learns how admitting powerlessness was the first step to tapping into her unlimited power.

  • June 2012
    By Skip Broussard

    Taking clues from everyday signs, billboards and the like, one man learns to transform them into guideposts for daily living.

  • May 2012
    By Rev. Shirley Bowman

    A potentially life-ending medical crisis reminds one woman that when we stop resisting situations in our lives and surrender to God, we can accept what is and experience inner peace and Divine Love.

  • April 2012
    By Eric Butterworth

    Eric Butterworth, who served Unity 55 years as a minister, lecturer, author, and radio personality, says that if we really want to achieve an inner or outer change, we have to be ready to let go of the person we have been to allow the flow of unfoldment to be the person we desire.

  • March 2012
    By Temple Hayes

    After redefining the real meaning of the word “Fear,” this Unity minister was able to fully accept and embrace her calling as a dynamic public speaker.


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