Daily Word Articles

  • February 2012
    By Don Rogers

    Despite the physical and societal challenges of male breast cancer, Don Rogers is able to turn the experience into a blessing and share it with others.

  • January 2012
    By Rev. Felicia Searcy

    According to Rev. Felicia Searcy, setting an intention for what you want in life, rather than making a resolution of do’s and don’ts, it’s a more powerful way to start off the New Year.

  • December 2011
    By Rev. Myra McFadden

    By taking a few simple steps, Rev. Myra McFadden demonstrates how to create a peaceful, joyful holiday.

  • November 2011
    By Rev. Paulette Pipe

    Even when in the midst of a crisis, we can draw upon the power of thanksgiving and gratitude.

  • October 2011
    By Rev. Carla McClellan

    By looking at life as a Hero’s Journey we can experience a greater sense of joy, fulfillment and satisfaction, and in the process cultivate a more meaningful relationship with our authentic self.

  • September 2011
    By Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett

    When Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett’s son was deployed with the Marines to the Iraq War, she was reminded how prayer is much more than asking God to change certain conditions.

  • August 2011
    By Shawna Todd

    Author Shawna Todd show how through living in partnership with God, we can create the life of our dreams.

  • July 2011
    By Marci Shimoff

    A meditation experience as a teenager leads one woman on a quest to discover the true essence of love.


  • June 2011
    By Rev. Kelly Isola

    While enjoying a beautiful sunrise with her father from a ledge overlooking the Grand Canyon, Rev. Kelly Isola experienced God’s presence as the essence of all relationships. 

  • May 2011
    By Ogun Holder

    Letting go of the model of parenting experienced as a child, allows a father to embrace a new paradigm of conscious parenting.


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