Daily Word Articles

  • November 2010
    By Kay McReynolds McKemy

    Octogenarian Kay McReynolds McKemy shares how Daily Word has been a part of her life since before she was born.

  • October 2010
    By Valleri Crabtree

    Using the analogy of co-creating a rose bush, Vallerie Crabtree demonstrates how to manifest anything we desire in life if we first think, believe, listen, act and acknowledge.

  • September 2010
    By Teri Lucas

    In realizing the power of letting go, a mother uses her medical skills to save the life of a child on the brink of death just like her son who died many years earlier.

  • August 2010
    By Rev. John Considine

    Rev. John Considine shares a few secrets to help us experience the Divine Presence every day - not just in Sunday mornings.

  • July 2010
    By Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.

    Using Daily Word as a tool to adopt an attitude of gratitude and use the power of positive thinking, a young woman overcomes mental, emotional and health challenges in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.

  • June 2010
    By Thomas Shepherd, D. Min.

    When Rev. Dr. Thomas Shepherd reflects back on the life of his late grandfather, he can more easily see and appreciate the sacrifices that he, and other fathers and grandfathers, made for their families.

  • May 2010
    By William F. Haynes Jr., M.D.

    By turning over their troubles to God through letters, and mother and son learn to let go, and trust in the power of God to provide answers to all situations.

  • April 2010
    By Sue Bryan

    Easter offers us a great opportunity for rest and renewal, to reconnect with God’s power within, and to use the resurrection story to empower us to rise above any challenge we may be facing.

  • March 2010
    By Janet Conner

    After divorce, Janet Conner began journaling letters to God. Through that process she found and learned to trust her inner voice, the Voice of Spirit.

  • February 2010
    By Martha Smock

    Martha Smock (1913-1984) served as editor of Daily Word for 35 years. This article is adapted from one originally published in June 1946. In it she explains how even though all of the events of our lives are intertwined, life continues to move forward, like a stream that meanders, ebbs and flows.


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