Abundance - Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thursday, June 18, 2020
I am abundantly blessed.

Psalm 65:12-13 contains a message of the abundance that is found in the natural world: “The pastures of the wilderness overflow, the hills gird themselves with joy, the meadows clothe themselves with flocks, the valleys deck themselves with grain, they shout and sing together for joy.”

Spending time in nature reminds me of the unlimited substance from which everything originates. Every season is filled with different and new treasures to behold, and patterns of rebirth and renewal are everywhere.

Today I connect with the natural world. Maybe I will watch the passing clouds in the sky, smell the fresh air, or close my eyes and simply breathe in the awareness of the riches of the world I inhabit.

You crown the year with your bounty; your wagon tracks overflow with richness.—Psalm 65:11