Free - Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013
Freedom is mine, and I claim it now!

I may feel stuck trying to break a habit or change a way of thinking to which I have become accustomed. Yet I can set free any thought or behavior pattern that keeps me from my heart’s desire. With compassion, I willingly release the patterns in me that cause me to feel stuck.

I break free from limiting behavior through the power of God within. I consider what is true about me: I am infused with divine power, strength, and love. I am free to be and do all I have been created for. I choose positive habits and attitudes that support my well-being and bring my talents to the world.

My God-given freedom is intrinsic to who I am. Right now, I claim my freedom, making my life all I want it to be.

As servants of God, live as free people.—1 Peter 2:16

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