Free - Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
When I open myself to possibilities, I set myself free.

Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore asserted, “The larger our vision of life, the more freedom we feel.” The view I see today is just a small part of the larger picture. Absolute freedom comes with the realization that what I see with my eyes is the surface view. When I look from within, I am free to see the whole picture.

Looking to the future, I make a commitment to see beyond appearances. I vow to go within and connect with my divine nature when I envision my path ahead. I allow myself the freedom to understand that what shows up for me in the world of the senses will look different from the picture I paint in my imagination. I am free when I evolve and grow with the changing view. When I open myself to unlimited possibilities, I set myself free.

Live as free people.—1 Peter 2:16