Happy - Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday, July 25, 2020
Within me is all that I need to be happy.

If the state of the world is affecting my state of mind, I remember that happiness begins within. I have the power to rise above outer influences and maintain an attitude of gratitude and joy. I can develop this attitude through my awareness of my oneness with God.

Knowing God is always with me, I choose to see situations in the outer world as temporary conditions, not as enduring reality. Happiness is my truth as I move through life in partnership with God.

I have power over my thoughts and attitudes and I embrace that power today. As I remain committed to happiness, I feel any tension release and feel a new awareness of the activity of God at work in my life. I am joyous, happy, and free!

O Lord of hosts, happy is everyone who trusts in you.—Psalm 84:12