New Ideas - Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
New Ideas
I am open to new ideas. New insights are revealed to me.

Each day presents me with opportunities to grow. My interactions with others, my response to whatever situation I encounter, can lead me to transformation and renewal as I approach them from a spiritual perspective.

I increase my understanding as I contemplate the events of the day. Any situations that bothered me did so for a reason, and as I reflect on them, I open myself to deeper understanding.

When I place myself on an observer level, I can step back and think objectively. I may be able to more fully understand another’s word or actions and find it easier to forgive. By doing so, I gain new revelations into my thinking processes and my spiritual nature. I grow spiritually, cultivating better relationships with others.

Shout aloud and sing for joy … for great in your midst is the Holy One.—Isaiah 12:6