Recovery - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
God’s spirit of recovery is fulfilled within me now!

If I am recovering from an ailment, I claim with faith and certainty my divine birthright to wholeness. I reclaim my power, knowing that my wholeness already exists in God-Mind. I am already perfect and complete on every level.

To embrace total well-being­—in body, mind and affairs—I focus on the positive, life-enhancing conditions I want to experience. I trade negative notions for revitalizing thoughts. I affirm empowering words that bless and reinvigorate my life.

In this way, my recovery accelerates. I am revived inside and out. As God’s spirit of recovery fulfills itself in me, my inner perfection is matched by an outer expression of health, renewal and accomplishment.

He … strengthens the powerless.—Isaiah 40:29

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