True Self - Saturday, June 19, 1954

Saturday, June 19, 1954
True Self
WE MAY pretend to ourselves and others that we are something we are not, but such pretense only keeps us from full, rich, satisfying lives.

If only we would realize that in Truth we are much more wonderful than we hope and long to be, than we even wish to be in the sight of others! It is because we do not know the truth about ourselves that we feel unable to face ourselves honestly, that we are not able to evaluate ourselves, our powers, and our abilities.

What is the truth that we should know about ourselves? The truth is that we are spiritual beings, having our origin in God. Our powers and abilities are inestimable. However, these powers and abilities need to be called forth through us.

All pretense at living will fade away as we evaluate ourselves honestly in the light of Truth and begin to live as fearless, undaunted, divine children of God. Then, shall we know ourselves to be one with God. Then shall we know ourselves to be divine.
Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.I JOHN 4:4.