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Eight years ago my life was completely shattered. Then someone sent me a subscription to Daily Word. I needed those words of love and encouragement just as a drowning person needs air. I read and reread them—could not leave the house without my magazine. My prayers were answered.—JB, Euclid, Ohio

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Daily Word is published by Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village. Unity emphasizes the practical, everyday application of spiritual principles through online prayers to help people live more abundant and meaningful lives. Unity helps people realize a stronger connection to God every day through daily prayer.

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I remember hearing James Dillet Freeman [former Silent Unity Director] say once that the only reason for Unity's existence is that people need it. And that's the bottom line—people need Unity. It was there for us when [my wife and I] needed it, and we want Unity to grow and prosper and be available for anyone who needs it.—Michael Sheets, Daily Word subscriber and Unity board member

The core ministries of Unity are supported by free-will love offerings from people like you. Every amount is gratefully accepted and appreciated. Should you choose to do so, you may honor or memorialize a loved one with a gift in his or her name.

Daily Word

Daily devotional with Daily Word MagazineDaily Word is the voice of inspiration and empowerment to people from all walks of life. Read daily prayers in six languages and 150 countries around the world, Daily Word uplifts and upholds the divine nature of each individual. 

“That little magazine … was where I began to achieve the spiritual practice I so desperately needed.… I experienced unity with a force of greater good and the sacredness of life—even mine. … Daily Word was, and is, all about this. It gave me a belief system I could live by, and the courage to change the direction of my life.”
—Samantha White
How Daily Word Changed My Life


Message of Hope

Our Message of Hope ministry serves people in need through the free distribution of Daily Word and other spiritual literature to individuals, medical centers and correctional facilities. This ministry also provides our visually-impaired readers with daily messages in Braille or on CD (in English and Spanish), free of charge upon request.

“For many years, I've had the privilege of receiving Daily Word in braille. Daily Word has helped me to grow not only spiritually but also as a human being. I'm a better father, husband, brother and neighbor. Every morning I set in my favorite place and read the message to prepare myself to conquer the day.”
—Ruben Hernandez


Silent Unity

The Silent Unity prayer ministry offers free and confidential prayer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Literally millions of people have contacted Silent Unity for affirmative prayer through the years, by phone, letter and email.  Silent Unity uplifts minds and hearts to give people the faith, courage and strength they seek.

“Thank you for the power of your prayers and for teaching me how to pray.”
—KT, Massachusetts


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