Abundance is mine!

I have had a wonderful life. Additionally, I was born to a family where giving is our nature. What I received helped me to be the man I am. But, more important, I learned the importance of giving. It became my mantra to give and help make the world a better place. I learned to give from the center of my heart. Over the years I had difficulties; but the God inside of me opened my eyes to accept and learn from these difficulties. I have had wealth, but it is nothing to the prosperity I have now. Financially, I’m no longer wealthy, but my happiness is greater than it ever was. Abundance is mine!    

gmorgan9 said:

Abundance of love, and our heart's desire are as close as our own hearts! Gos is alive and well in each and every one of us. All we have to do is listen and heed! He uses each and everyone of us as his faithful servants, we must develope a "servant's heart", to keep delivering his word and his will. We ARE each other's keepers. We belong to HIM and there is no way around it. "Ask and ye shall receive"...."Knock and the door shall be opened unto thee". In thee oh Lord do I place my trust...please let me never be put to confusion!

samokoji said:

Abundance oh! abundance free flowing abundance is from God if one can meet with the principles and princept of abundant, You must have it because it a convenant promise Of Almight God


I was praying tonight the affirmation: "It is God's great pleasure to be my Source; all good things come easily to me." My husband and I have struggled financially ever since we were married 21 years ago. I always thought it would be good not to struggle so, but when I had a job and money was flowing in, I grasped it and did not let it flow out again (I attained things). So I did not prosper and when the job went away, the struggles began again. My first feeling when I had prayed tonight was one of "relief". This gives me hope because it means maybe I believe the affirmation -- that it really is God's pleasure to be my Source, and that I do not have to worry. When I went deeper with God, he showed me that abundance is like a gently flowing river in and (hopefully) out of my life, that is to others or to acts of service. I realized that I must not cling too tightly to any thing or really anybody. That when a "thing" no longer is useful to me, it may be useful to some one else and I must let it flow out of my life. People, of course, are another matter because they have free will and relationships are important. But it is still useful for me to know that others belong to God and will go back to God at some point where I will meet them again. (I don't know if that is a Unity teaching; I just started learning about Unity principles, but this is where I am in my spiritual journey.)
God's peace to all of you!

Chris Laughton said:

Whatever is in your consciousness now Carmel is right for you now - no matter where it came from.
"Do not lay up treasures on earth where moths and rust destroy and thieves come and steal but lay up treasures in heaven where moths and rust do not destroy and thieves do not steal". Just as you found out, keep your good flowing like the rivers on earth; make space in your wardrobe by getting rid of unwanted clothes to the poor and more will flow in!
Unity teaches that heaven is a state of consciousness, so the more you talk to (pray to) God the more you will become conscious of your true, spiritual nature, and the sooner you will awaken and start living those truths, which you read about in the Daily Word - those are your treasures in 'heaven'.
Love and blessings in oneness

Josette J said:

I learned a class room lesson in giving and receiving when the story of a farmer was told.
As the farmer gives, my teacher reminded us, the earth receives. The seeds are nurtured and grow, then gives to the farmer fruit for his giving.
Have a miracle making and receiving day.

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