Divine Coincidence

In the 1970s, when I was living in Caguas, Puerto Rico, I was suffering from terrible depression, anxiety and insomnia. I could not find any relief in spite of being in treatment. Out of desperation, I went to talk to a pharmacist I trusted about my dreaded situation to see if he had any recommendations.

By coincidence, a medical drug representative was also at the pharmacy. As I was talking with the pharmacist, he interrupted the conversation to tell me, “I have the medicine you are looking for,” then proceeded to give me a little book. I took it and read its title: La Palabra Diaria (Daily Word in Spanish). As soon as I got home I started reading it, and I could not believe its content; every message seemed to have been written especially for me!

Since then my life has changed—the ailments are a thing of the past, and my life is filled with blessings. I can’t start my day without first reading La Palabra Diaria.

—Mariano, Florida
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