A Gift of Love

I feel grateful for the gift subscription I received from my aunt and uncle. When I read about being made of love—actually being love, rather than needing to fill a void with it—the truth of it came into such sharp focus, I couldn’t believe I had to be told that! It was plain as day. I began to meditate on it and really felt a change in myself.   The funny thing is, everyone around me saw a change. Friends and coworkers commented right away. Everyone noticed, even my boss, who brought it up in my annual review. “Jane, there’s something different about you. You seem so calm!” Out of the blue, people tell me I’m beautiful.   Every day I spend some time practicing slow, controlled breathing, accepting the love that I am, and really listening for any advice or answers that God may have for me. Thank you again for this lovely gift. It has changed my life profoundly.
—Jane, Florida
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