The Power of New

The Power of New

By Darrell Fusaro

The Power of New

Simply replacing the word now with new may just give you the boost you've been looking for.

The word now has always felt emotionally vague to me. Maybe it has lost its oomph due to overuse. The word new on the other hand has an energetic kick and gives me a feeling of excitement. Since the now is always new, I've decided that new and now are synonyms; new is indeed the powerful essence of now.

Here's my ridiculously simple discovery—whenever I mentally replace now with new, I instantly get a lift. I'm convinced it's the lift that the now intends for us to enjoy. Just give it a try and see how it feels. Here are a few examples: "The power of new"; "The here and new"; "The time is always new"; and "All we really have is new!" They feel so good to say, and I continue to repeat them. It's amazing how changing one word transforms these familiar statements into mood-elevating affirmations. Now they're mental reset buttons that refresh my mind. They're a quick and easy way to start a new day anytime I'm feeling frustrated.

I stumbled upon this during a morning meditation. The meditative reading for that day was focused on the significance of being mindful of living in the present. At that moment, I was inspired to mentally insert new every time now appeared in the text as I read. It's a practice I highly recommend.

This simple exercise opens my mind to new ideas that transform negatives into positives, disadvantages into advantages, by releasing old ideas and inviting in new ones. Replacing my “now”s with "new”s is giving my now vitality, and I hope it does the same for you. 

"Welcome to the Here and New" is the title of an episode of the weekly podcast, Funniest Thing! with Darrell and Ed that I cohost with Edward Biagiotti on Unity Online Radio. During this episode, we share the benefits of how we renew our minds, bodies, and circumstances with fresh ideas. Click here to download or listen straight from your browser. Also available on iTunes.

Darrell Fusaro

Artist Darrell Fusaro is a decorated U.S. Coast Guard veteran, author of What if Godzilla Just Wanted a Hug? and a member of the Endowment for Veterans Art Campaign Board of Directors.