What Is a God Box?

What Is a God Box?

By Darrell Fusaro

What Is a God Box?

The God box, although effective at solving any problem you may have, may seem silly or at best too simple to be for real. But for those of us who have tried it, we are unanimous: It works!

A God box is any container with a slot or opening on top. You write your current problem, worry, desire, or hard-to-make decision on a small piece of paper. Then fold it up and put it in your God box. In essence, you are turning it over to God.

Personally, I include the date and end all my requests with the statement, "This or something better." I believe it to be the intention of "If it be Thy will." This keeps my request in the affirmative and puts my mind in a state of expectancy.

Darrell with Culver City’s Best Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Jan Glusac. The El Rincon Elementary School first graders made an “Our Hope Can” for their classroom.

If your request is for guidance I suggest you include, “Make it obvious!” Ask for a definite lead and you will receive one. When my wife Lori and I were deciding whether or not to move with our two cats from New York City to Southern California, a friend from California suggested we live in either Marina del Rey or Santa Monica. Never having been to either and still in New York, I put a request for guidance in my God box, ending it with, “and make it obvious.”

The next day while Lori was at work, she mentioned us contemplating moving to Southern California. One of her coworkers enthusiastically exclaimed, “The best place my husband and I ever lived was this apartment complex in Marina del Rey. You must live there!” She gave Lori the number. We called and funniest thing, they had a one bedroom coming available in 30 days, it matched our budget, and they accepted pets. We made the move.

Writing down my request and putting it in my God box enables me to feel like I've done my part in turning it over. This physical activity gives me a concrete sense that I've actually turned it over to a higher power. It also gives me a positive reference for when I catch myself getting concerned again. I simply remind myself that I put that concern in my God box and everything will transpire in divine order, with perfect timing, effortlessness, and ease.

Darrell Fusaro enjoys the Daily Word print subscription because he can tear out and keep his favorites for future inspiration.

Feeling reassured, I become relaxed and confident. I am free to follow hunches and I find myself hyperaware of coincidences conspiring in my favor. What was first a dilemma is now an adventure in faith—looking forward to an even better-than-expected outcome. Daily Word magazine’s word of the day, “Faith,” from September 4, 2016, describes this condition perfectly with, “Having faith is having joyous expectation.”

In this state of joyous expectation, by the law of attraction, solutions are revealed, and our circumstances improve. Don't stress out about what you should use as your God box, any container will do. It doesn't have to be a fancy container. The God box that works best is the one you use.

Some examples of what my friends and I have used as God boxes are: a favorite cereal box, coffee can, oatmeal container, jewelry box, cigar box, a hamper, shoe box, and even a garbage can. One friend chose a can so she could delight in referring to it as, “My God can!” Whatever you choose to use as your God box will work because the activating power is in your releasing whatever it is to God.

Whenever I clean out the old requests from my God box, I get the added benefit of strengthening my faith by recalling in awe how even forgotten requests were resolved in wonderful ways. And by the date of each request I can see how all solutions came with divine timing as well.

I hope this not only clarified what a God box is but also inspired you to experiment with one for yourself. The size of your request doesn’t matter. Nothing is too big or too small to put in your God box. Whenever you’re worried or indecisive, use it to cast the burden on God so that you may begin to anticipate the unexpected way in which your answer will come.

Darrell Fusaro

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