Monthly Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements of Truth. By affirming Truth we are lifted out of false thinking into the consciousness of Spirit. Each time we pray positively and faithfully, we are calling forth the divine activity that is always within us.

We focus on these daily prayers and affirmations throughout the month for greater expression of our divine inner light. Giving thanks in advance, we claim each of our prayers as true for ourselves and our loved ones, remaining open and receptive to the highest good for all.

August 2020

Inner Peace
With God as my peace, I rest deeply and breathe easily.

I am guided by infinite wisdom in all matters.

I am one with and now fully flourish in divine life.

Through wind and storm, I stand steady knowing God is my strength.

I am willing to be a presence of divine love in all my relationships.


September 2020

Inner Peace
My mind quiets in the presence of divine peace.

In the silence of prayer, I hear a whisper of truth.

God is the breath of life, the vitality in my body and being.

I am rich in divine ideas, wealthy in divine abundance.

The road ahead may be unseen, but I walk by faith and not by sight.


October 2020

Inner Peace
Let no thoughts disturb me, for God is peace in my mind.

Divine love’s healing and harmonizing power flows within me and from me.

Life is a divine healing stream within my body, mind, and being.

I am in concert with divine order, trusting my way into all that comes next.

World Peace
Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.