We Are Christmas

December 2019

Rev. Kurt Condra

Rev. Kurt Condra has been a minister since 2004 and currently serves the congregation of Unity on the North Shore in Evanston, Illinois. You can read his blog, The Shoreline, at unityns.org.

We each embody the Christmas spirit, born in the humblest moments

Parties, presents, and pageants can be powerful experiences for giving and receiving divine love. Look closely, though, and you’ll discover subtler reminders that God’s love is born in us, just as it was born in Jesus more than 2,000 years ago.

Our spiritual journey is not unlike Joseph and Mary’s trek to Bethlehem: Sometimes it can be arduous, chaotic, and even scary, but inherent in every circumstance is a divine capacity for trust.

As we invoke our faith in the power of God’s infinite good, we discover the inner resources to recognize that God and good are always and everywhere present, no matter the appearance.

Beneath every sight and sound, the Divine is waiting to be recognized, to be heard, to be born. Each moment is infused with the activity of Spirit.

Usually, and especially during this season of celebrations, we’re too busy to notice or we take it for granted.

Yet if we will ourselves to turn away from distraction, if we can momentarily break from the barrage of demands on our attention and time, we can appreciate the glorious harmony of God’s love expressing throughout all creation.

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Just as a humble birth in distressing circumstances continues to inspire millions, we, too, can embody the peace that passes understanding as we allow Spirit’s love to be born in us.

We become the change we want to see—in our lives and in the world.

The question is: How?

Christmas Is Our Road Map

Often, Spirit is born in the most humble, unplanned—even inconvenient—moments.

One Christmas past comes to mind: Moments before I was to lead the candlelighting service at my church, my presence was requested in the nursery.

Thinking it must be an emergency, I was relieved to discover a gift instead. The proud father of a child I had christened earlier in the year coaxed his beautiful daughter—resplendent in her green velvet and sparkly shoes—to show me some of her first steps as her mother and sister cheered.

Witnessing that milestone and sharing in the intimacy of that familial celebration still reminds me to treasure life’s miraculous moments, especially those we cannot schedule or plan.

It also reminds me that a willingness to hold my own agenda lightly creates the possibility for the birth of something greater.

It’s how Mary’s soul magnified the Lord even when she surely knew unwed pregnancies were culturally devastating. It’s how Joseph summoned the strength and faith to heed angelic guidance even after he had already decided to “dismiss her quietly.”

As Christmas approaches, look for Christ’s love being born in your humblest encounters. Look with a quiet mind and a peaceful, open heart. For you are a shepherd with eyes to see. You are the Magi with faith to follow. You are the Christ child with light to shine.

The Christmas story is your story and mine, and we are called to live it fully.