Compassion - Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tuesday, June 2, 2020
My compassion flows as I see myself in others.

Whether someone I know is in a state of celebration, tribulation, or somewhere in between, I try to understand what they’re going through and love them unconditionally.

How I react to the people in my life shows me a part of myself. Some of my best teachers are those with whom I have been at odds. I embrace every opportunity for personal growth amid conflict, and I exercise patience as I communicate with others. I practice thinking, speaking, and acting from a consciousness of love.

I feel my oneness with others. Looking into the eyes of another I see myself, and my heart swells with compassion and empathy. With gratitude, I listen, love, and serve.

As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.—Colossians 3:12